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Buch: Diving with Charley at 0500 - zum Eintrag "Buch: Diving with Charley at 0500"...

Diving with Charley at 0500 is a collection of short stories as told by the author of his love for diving. A pioneer and founding member of the SCUBA diving industry, Charley shares his adventures from first learning of the sport, to starting a local diving club, to becoming a commercial diver, and finally to successfully starting and running his own manufacturing and distribution business in the industry. Some of the highlights of the book include building one of the first shark cages to use for testing underwater shark repellant, working as equipment consultant during the underwater filming of the James Bond 007 movie Thunderball, a three week trip to Columbia looking for gold that included a long pursuit through the jungle by banditos, and a personal meeting with Vice President Lyndon Johnson.

Buch: Diving with Charley at 0500

A gifted storyteller, Charley brings to this book the same sense of warmth and adventure that he shared in person with family, friends and those that worked for him. He spent many an evening through the years sitting around the dinner table with friends sharing these stories. You are invited to come and sit with him as he shares his adventures.

von Charley Jehle (Autor)
Taschenbuch: 104 Seiten
Verlag: iUniverse.com (14. Juni 2007)
Sprache: Englisch

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