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Tukangbesi diving - Tukangbesi diving "...

Hoga Diving Resort is one of the unique places in the world where you will see incredibly colourful reefs in one of the most diverse regions of the Indo-Pacific. There are some fantastic pinnacles, bridges etc. There are many different types of diving, most wall drift dives.

Tukangbesi diving

The cottages are wooden houses on stilts facing the sea. The houses have big balconies with hammocks from where you can see the monitorlizards come by. When you are lucky you can see the endangered coconut crabs. It is great to end a day watching the stars in the sky, the fireflies in the trees and the bioluminescence in the sea.
This area can be reached by plane next year. Until now it will take some travelling by boat, the place is so remote you will hardly meet any other divers on these reefs of the Wakatobi marine park in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Tukangbesi diving

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